Digging tunnels with SSH

SSH tunnels are an old trick, which is recently getting increasingly popular with all this content filtering happening at the corporate or even at the national level. This article demonstrates how to use SSH tunnels, bypass content filters and avoid port restrictions, even through HTTP proxy servers. . . . → Read More: Digging tunnels with SSH

Protect your Apache web server with mod_evasive

Mod_evasive is an Apache module that is designed to limit the impact of different types of attacks (like DDoS, scripted or brute force) on your web site/server. When integrated with iptables, mod_evasive can stand up to even larger attacks. . . . → Read More: Protect your Apache web server with mod_evasive

GnuPG - quick console guide

This short gpg howto demonstrates how to use the Gnu Privacy Guard (GnuPG) tools on Unix/Linux systems. By following this guide you will understand how to generate a gpg key and you will go through the basics of public key encryption and digital signatures, and you would be able to work your way out to sending encrypted email attachments. . . . → Read More: GnuPG – quick console guide